Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for making 2015 another successful rotation around the sun! May all find Peace and healing in 2016.  Joy Van Bael 


Eucalyptus is used in compresses, steam baths, and vaporizers or directly added to massage oil to reduce inflammation in the Bronchial Tubes. Place 2 drops in a pot of water and bring to boil.   Place the pot onto a table, cover head with a  towel making a tent and breathe in the steam for instant relief from colds, flu, or Bronchitis. 


 Hot Stone Massage is featured throughout January and February, 2016. Book a One Hour Hot Stone Massage for $20 off


Cranio Sacral Massage helps to reduce blockages in the spine that may contribute to pain, headaches, and a variety of ailments. The technique was developed by Osteopath, John Upledger. Joy Van Bael is a 2007 graduate of the Upledger Institute. 


Joy received Massage Therapy training at Irenes Myomassology Institute in 2001. She was a student of Irene Gauthier, founder of Myomassology, which combines methods of healing and bodywork from her native country, Finland, and from  around the world. 


Thai Bodywork is also known as "lazy man's yoga" A technique in which the practitioner stretches and press points to open up the energy lines in the body.  Thai Bodywork follows a steady rhythm and pressure that will leave you with a feeling of deep peace and relaxation like no other. 

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Private Yoga Lessons are like personal training for the body and soul. An exercise, diet, and healthy living plan will be designed.  Goals will be set to reach  optimum health.  Lessons can be offered as gift certificates, one time only, or weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  A One Hour Vinyasa Flow will be taught, with more in depth focus on getting in and out of the poses safely and with proper alignment. Being that we are all shaped differently, it is stressed for each person to find an edge, and how to listen and honor the body. 


Hot Stone Massage, is available for a 90 minute session of deep heat. Stones are heated and used in the hands as a tool to relax the deeper layers of muscle.