Private and Group Yoga Classes are offered to those wishing to deepen their practice.  Call for info on current yoga classes (586) 944-3395 and to schedule a private session. Learn the basics of yoga, dive deeper into headstands,  handstands, arm balances and inversions, or enjoy a guided meditation practice and a gentle yoga practice that focuses on floor poses to bring structural balance and alignment.

Joy Van Bael received her Yoga Teacher Training with the Yoga Shelter in 2010 after losing a family member to suicide. The daily practice of yoga offered a quiet space that played a large role in healing, grieving, and restoring.  Through the practice of quiet breathing, meditation, and connection of breathing and moving through the poses,  it became clear that the art of yoga was a gift of knowledge and ancient wisdom that Joy wanted to share with the community.  As a single parent, she also found the yoga community to be an important keystone to survival.  In search of a regular meditation practice that included a strong physical practice, she found the Yoga Shelter; an unconventional, wild, part yoga, part group therapy,  jewel of a  place where many lifelong friendships were kindled.   

As a 15 year cancer survivor, she also embraces the joy of being present in each moment.  She enjoys helping others cultivate and create a daily yoga habit that is created to uplift, inspire, and strengthen when challenges and struggles rear their monstrous heads in the dance of life.   Learn how to move and breathe with grace and possibility by adding yoga and meditation to the rhythm of your day.